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Re: Lack of suck/swallow/breathe cordination & "weak" suck

Originally Posted by e_roehm23 View Post
Do you have an update for us? I'm wondering how your Chiro appt went aOnd your meeting with the LC for oral exam? I will let you know how the "Vital Stim" works out if/when we start treatment.
I wasn't able to take her to the chiro..still want to though.

The LC says that DD has good tongue movement, but, her suck is still very weak and she is still constantly breaking suction. We are thinking silent reflux might be a factor though now, I'm going to ask the ENT about that on Wednesday...

She also gained very average of 1.5oz/week...she had gotten up to 2.25oz/week the last time we checked her weight and 3.5oz/week is the goal her pediatrician has. We did stop fortifying her bottle feeds (At daycare) though, so that could be the issue.
I would love to hear about your results with the vital stim!
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