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Re: My 3mo hasn't gained in a month - tongue/lip tie release on 4/12

We are home now from our UTT/LT revision this morning. He didn't nurse immediately after the procedure, but I think it was for two reasons. One is they offered me an unused dental exam chair to nurse in, and the whole area smelled like a dentist's office. The other is that he was still a little cranky from being messed with. I wanted to feed him before we left because we had a long drive home, and I didn't want him to be hungry all of a sudden on the way, so gave him a paci and waited in the waiting room for him to calm down, and he finally did calm down enough to nurse.

I didn't realize that nursing him had been painful until it suddenly wasn't.

I also met with an IBCLC this morning after we got home, and Josiah is going to have to go through a process of re-learning how to suck correctly. She gave me a few exercises to do with him to help him learn how to use his new tongue. He was tired when I tried them with him, but I'll keep working with him.

I found out that I do not need to wake him up at night to do the stretches, and instead just to do them throughout the day. Being able to watch the dental assistant do them and have her explain where to push and how much pressure to use was immensely more helpful than just the written instructions, and I was able to successfully do his first stretch a few minutes ago, right before I laid him down for a nap.

I'll be glad when the white scab forms, because right now, his poor lip and tongue look like they have a gigantic ulcer. I wish I'd seen a picture of the immediate post-op appearance beforehand so it wasn't so shocking to me.
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