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Re: Best covers for newborns? Can I wash them with toddlers pocket dipes?

I used Bummis originals and Bummies SWW with CPFs with my girl for almost 6 months. The originals are day covers only. the BSWWs are pretty good. I never had any leaks from pee only on either of these covers BUT I will say that when DD had some BF poo blowouts, those non-gussetted legs didn't help keep in some of that goo. Some would get on the leg elastics. This happened with blowouts only tho, not just a regular nice old BF curd poo.

the Bummis Polar worked much better at keeping in BF poo. but there'd still be poo on the inside of the cover. I think this is more a function of using prefolds though. No leg elastics = less containment.

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