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Re: Please take my poll on which Britax you like the best..

Originally Posted by LizzyPoo View Post
I have a Marathon and it rocks, but I voted other because I am thinking my new fave will probably be the Frontier for tons of reasons but in no small part because it expires in NINE years instead of six (and those things ain't cheap so the longer the better!)
We have the Roundabout (I don't think anyone mentioned that one). I really like it. We had to get a compact one b/c the larger ones won't fit RF in my small car. But we are going to get a Frontier for DD so new baby can have the Roundabout. I am really excited about the 80lbs 5-point harness, the TSIP, and the 9 year expiration date! WooHoo! Better yet, MIL might get it for us
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