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Re: Any interest in WAHDVF custom ultrasound photo maternity t-shirts (testers!)

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
I personally find the graphics a little too cutsie, but would maybe look at one of just the photo on a black shirt. I think those printers have white ink...

The graphics are not current, as this thread was suppose to be deleted a few months back, but for some reason never was and then was found by a mama and re-bumped back to the top
DTG printers don't *typically* print what we call 'one off' shirts on black simply because white ink and the printing process is very expensive for one personalized shirt. The black shirt itself is more money than a white shirt, then to print with white ink you must first flush the system then install the white cartridge then print the shirt twice, then flush all the ink out (into the trash) again to get all the white one, and remove the cartridge. (that is a very rough explanation in order to not bore anyone to death). All in all the ink lost is in the neighborhood of $5-8 plus the shirt is about $3 more than a white shirt plus the labor. So for one shirt it is not worth the PPL (Price Per Labor). The shirt would cost the consumer significantly more than a white shirt (and noone likes that!). Unless of course, this is a HUGE DTG company who is doing thousands of shirts a week and is constantly printing white on black, in which case, they will do it.
Now, a screenprinter may print it, simply because screening white ink is much easier. But you will probably have to pay a 'screen fee' in order for them to make you a custom screen just for your order.

I know that is a whole bunch of yatta yatta but to explain why white on black (for custom 'one off' orders) is either so expensive or not ever offered.


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