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Re: Medicaid and OOPS! I didn't make it to the hospital birth..

Originally Posted by Andbabymakes2 View Post
Nope. No birth centers. And I was just assuming that they'd have to be a cnm for Medicaid to accept them. I know when we had our first hb we ended up working with a gal that was about an hour from us. I had to drive to her for most of my appts. Not a big deal when I only had one other lo. But the area I live now, most of the mw's (that I know of) don't come out this far. But I guess I just need to call the office and flat out ask them if they do cover and who they have on their list. I'm not holding my breath though. sigh.

Mama, I can tell you are stressing over this. But the WORST they can say is "no" and then you are no worse off than you are feeling right now. Actually, you'd be in a BETTER place b/c you'd know for sure, rather than trying to guess.

Everything will be ok

But do call and check. You may be pleasantly surprised! Or, maybe not. But it's worth a shot either way.

Have you tried looking around your area for some independent midwives? I had a Medicaid homebirth in 2008 with an independent midwife who lived 1 hour from me. It was crazy trying to find an independent midwife. Since they are not affiliated with an office, they are harder to find, but often their services are just as good (sometimes better!) than those operating out of an office or as part of a group.

Research, research, research! Then you can make a choice you are truly happy and comfortable with! I know you are feeling overwhelmed right now, but once you start calling around, you will probably start feeling much more confident and see the direction you need to take. Hang in there, mama.

ETA: Here is what I found after just a very quick google search. May or may not help. I don't know.

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