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Re: Age and fertility

I believe it was true for me.

I got pregnant the first 2 times very quickly, like hey wanna get pregnant? Sure! We should try now then and wham pregnant the first month trying. I had DD1 when I was 30, DS1 when I was 32, I wasn't ready for more until I was 34. We tried for over a year without success and a miscarriage to show for it. We finally went to a RE and did fertility treatments for about 9 months with a couple of chemical pregnancies along the way, and got the added bonus of watching my FSH rise. I felt like hello body clock thanks for the slap in the face, although the rise could've been due to clomid as well which has been shown to raise FSH levels in the months following taking it. We went into one last hail mary cycle before IVF so we tried high dose follistim to see how I would react, ultimately like a rockstar thankfully with a super low FSH. I triggered on CD7 for an IUI on CD9 with 4 decent follies in play,got pg with DD2 and had her at 37. We started trying again when she was 1 in December 2008 deciding to forgo any fertility treatments at all and if it happened it happened. We tried every month from then on, in April 2010 I said enough is enough this will be the last month I will temp, take supplements, pee on every stick I see, and schedule sex. I had a couple of chemicals trying for #4 as well, gosh they are evil witches. Sure enough DS2 was on the way, and I had him when I was 40.

Based on my history I will encourage my girls to not wait until well in their 30's. It is a crazy rollercoaster I wouldn't wish on even the worst person.
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