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Re: Bad constipation problems

You've already gotten some great advice, but I just wanted to echo some of the things already said.

Mainly, you have got to change your diet if you are primarily eating rice, bread, and bananas. What goes in, must come out - and those are all things that are on the BRAT diet, to stop diarrhea! So you are contributing to it.

Maybe you could try some seabands (for seasickness), some ginger, some lemon water, or some ginger ale to stave off the nausea and that will allow you to eat a bigger variety of foods?

In your situation, I'd probably make a real effort to ban all constipating foods from my diet for a few days just to see my body's reaction. If your stools get loose, you will know right away that the cause is your diet.

Grapes, prunes, prune juice, pears, strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, even a leafy salad! will help loosen things up. Stay away from apples or bananas - they stop you up. Maybe just try going to the grocery store and see what types of fruits appeal to you.... sometimes that helps me psyche myself up to eat something I'm not really crazy about....

Also, there are teas made to help with constipation. I have one called "smooth move" from traditional medicinals that I used while BFing, not sure if it is safe in pg, but it would probably be better than miralax or the like.

And, last but not least you have to move. Walk, walk, walk. It helps move things along faster.

I hope things get better for you soon. It sounds so painful.
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