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Re: Where does your baby hide things?

Originally Posted by misawaashley View Post
I found the number 8 magnet from the fridge in his diaper during a change. That was a month ago. I have also found money, playing cards, chap sticks (he got into a drawer and took all of them),keys (how uncomfortable), valves to sippy cups, my toothbrush (yuck) and lots of other stuff. I have since got him a tiny fanny pack to carry his stuff in, yet I still keep finding stuff in the diapers. Even when he is wearing pants over them, he still gets it in there.

Yesterday I could not find my bra when I was getting dressed. I found him, chasing the dog, trying to put it in her. I guess its my fault for confusing him by putting dog dresses on her

Is he Tommy from the Rugrats?
Dear Baby in my Belly, Please come out. Seriously. It's like a 100 degrees here, IN CANADA. Your dad has taken to calling me puffy. I get that you're a dude and the last thing you want to do is leave a place you're going to spend the rest of your life trying to get back into, but enough. Your room is really cool, come out and see it. Sincerely, Love Mummy
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