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Re: they stink again already ughh

I've read on a few sites that Tide is not a good detergent to use as it is pretty harsh. I have been doing a lot of research myself on the detergent/smell issue and finally tried "Method free and clear" (from Target). It's definitely more expensive, but seems to work well. I also sun my dipes and inserts and never put them in the drier. That being said, I live in So Cal, so it's easy for me to do that! As for using enough detergent, it sounds like you may not have enough. I use a 1/2-1tbs for 5 liners and dipes (that's all I have now). I read that you should check your rinse cycle to make sure there are no suds left. If there is soap residue, then you will have smelly dipes and you should run a rinse cycle until there aren't any more suds.

Hope your smelly insert issue is resolved!
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