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Re: Dr. wants 4mos old on puree already?

Originally Posted by AnimalHouse View Post
I would normally agree with this statement, but OP said her doctor suggested starting solids in order to get her 4 month old to fill his belly up and nurse less. That's really bad advice, IMO.
Of course it is. I'm curious where the conversation went that the doctor felt that was reasonable advice? Like, was the OP worried about the child's weight? Worried about how often the baby nurses? maybe the Dr sensed something sublte in passing conversation and was telling mom it was okay if she wanted to start solids, if that would help alleviate some other concern. I don't know, I wasn't there. At this point, either the Dr was sensing a concern from mom or he's a nut. it's bad advice if he truly thinks feeding solids will decrease milk appetite at this age, but following the advice won't hurt anything most likely.

eta: I re-read the OP and was thinking her child was UNDERWEIGHT, not at the top of the weight chart. My opinion doesn't change that much in regards to when and how solids are introduced, but perhaps the question should be whether or not baby is hungry all the time or just sucking because he likes it. I don't know.
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