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Milk & GERD

Hi, I'd love some help from y'all. I've seen a lot of posts regarding eating habits & milk alternatives, but IDK what to do. My ds2 is 4 & has been diagnosed with GERD. He has had it since infancy, but it was called reflux back then. At 3, he had an esophageal & stomach biopsy to see if it was anything else (like allergies or other stuff) and it was determined he has GERD. It's bad...he will verp up food & then when I see him "chewing his cud" (as gross as that is) I ask him what he has in his mouth & he says, "gum". He's not actually allowed to have gum until age 5, per a rule of mine, so I know that's not actually what it is. I've even taken it from his mouth & identified it as lunch, dinner, etc. ANYWAY, When dd turned 1 (back in November) & we put her on whole milk, my boys also started drinking it. DS1 is slender, so it doesn't hurt him any. But DS2's GERD started really acting up! He had been drinking 2%. When we saw that, we immediately switched him to 1%. It has helped a lot, but I just wonder if we took out milk (cheese doesn't seem to bother him, but yogurt does a little...less with the lowfat milk in it. he LOVES yogurt though) in a glass & replaced it with something else, maybe his GERD would bother him even less?
So, with all that LONG back story, does anyone have suggestions of what I could give him? We've tried soy & rice & he HATES them...I really think he may do better with something "sweet" in the milk area if that makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help y'all have!
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