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Question Foster Care in a Small House

We have a fairly small house. It is three bedrooms, but they are small bedrooms. We are just starting to look into foster care and considering licensing agencies, but I have some concerns due to our home. We currently have an 8 month old and are considering fostering either medically fragile babies, developmentally disabled children, or teen moms and their babies. I know you can have as many foster kids as you have room for (with same sex children sharing rooms only) but I'm wondering if anyone has done this in a relatively small house and while continuing to have your own children. We want our children close together as well, and would like to be pregnant with number two within the next 6 months, but I have no clue how to balance bedroom situations (we do not co-sleep, I tried, but I don't get ANY sleep with a baby in my bedroom). Sorry that is very jumbled and a lot of maybe unrelated questions, I just really want to foster, but I'm SO unsure of all the logistics!
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