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Re: If one were going to circumcise

We took our son to a urologist to have it done. When you are looking for someone to do it, keep in mind many places do not use any anesthetic at all. So if that is important to you, you should ask first. There are also techniques for doing it. We wanted the plastibell method b/c we felt it kind of ensured it would be straight(er) and even(er) than a doc doing it free-handed. I don't remember the other techniques, but researching the different ways it's done and deciding which one you would prefer could help you in knowing what to ask when you call around. It was scary to me how many docs performed the procedure free-handed, with NO anesthetic at all.

My DS has not had any complications. But it was quite traumatic for me. I won't go into detail on that part, but if you care to do so, you can look up my thread about it, or you can PM me if you want to hear about it.

I am not pro or anti-circing. I am not an intactivist. I believe each family should be able to make the choice that best suits them. However, as a result of my personal experience last time, I will not be circ'ing next time (I'm due in March with our second son).
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