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Re: If one were going to circumcise

I personally feel it is not a pediatrican's place to do so, though they will if asked. Most OB's are surgeons, and if you are doing so religiously, ask your OB if they know a Mohel who is ALSO a surgeon. This way you are covered both religiously as well as physically safe. JMO.

Buy plenty of vaseline, preferably in the squeeze tubes so you can squeeze out and not have to dig in a jar. Purchase sterile individually wrapped gauze pads. Do not worry about overpurchasing as they are useful with scrapes as child ages.

With pee, the bandage does not get moved, changed, or re-vaselined. With poop, clean the poop around it, carefully remove the bandage, clean with cloth wipe saturated in warm water, and then pat dry. Squeeze vaseline onto middle of gauze square, place over tip of penis, and then the pad will sort of "seal" shut using the vaseline as it squeezes around the tip.

I am not familiar with plastibell.
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