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Originally Posted by my5sons
TEAM PINK!!!!!! I'm so excited I'm in shock! lol As soon as my husband got home yesterday I said, we are doing this TODAY! He put me off for awhile, but he was excited too, and finally said, OK, open the envelope. I guess I should backtrack a bit to the ultrasound...she waited until the end of the scan to check the gender. At first baby wasn't cooperating, but after I was laying on my side for awhile, she said, OK, I think I have it...yeah, I'm confident, I've got it. So we were all done and she said, I can't believe this, I didn't print the gender pic! Lay back down, we are DOING THIS! LOL It didn't take too long the 2nd time but she said she was sure she knew what she saw!

So anyhow, back to us opening the envelope...I started to open it and then I got so nervous...I said to my husband, what if it's a boy again? So he took the envelope, looked at the pic, and put it back, all with no change in expression. I said, it's a boy, isn't it! So I took the envelope and looked at the pic...and burst into tears when I saw it said " I'm a girl!!! " I could NOT believe it!! I guess part of me thought nope, it will never happen! And don't get me wrong, I am CRAZY about my boys and wouldn't trade them for anything! But I am thrilled to finally have a little girl join our family. :-)

I can't stop smiling as I type this!!!!!! :-)
Omg! Yay!!!! How exciting for you all. She's gonna be one protected little girl.
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