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Re: Non Vax and Well Baby visits

Well we take ds1 in often for referals to therapists and specialists. Plus he is growing very slowly so we like to keep an eye on that. But mostly I just really like our pedi. He was my dr as a child (ok so he was my dr till I got pregnant with ds and I will still go to him if he would see me ) and so when I have concerns I like to talk with him about them. We take ds2 out of habit mostly. He had some feeding issues in the begining (jaundice combined with my very small flat nipples made nursing hard for him) and so we had to keep up with his weight gain and bili levels. Then by 2 wks he had caught up and he took off from there. Of course then there was the tortocollis and the reflux. He was seeing a chiro twice a week for a while to straighten out his neck. But now he is back to normal, and he is definately feeding well. I just take him out of habit and because I like finding out how much he weighs. But also I take the boys to cover my a$$ just in case. I know it sounds silly, but we are very alternative lifestyle. We co-sleep, we don't vax, we don't circ, we homeschool, I extended breastfeed, and now ds1 is seeing a DAN! Dr. for his autism. Add in Ds1's violent outbursts and it all adds up to us being a perfect target for investigation. So I keep a good relationship with the ped to prove that we aren't medically neglecting the kids. I like to have all of my ducks in a row so to speak. It isn't right, but it is one less thing I need to worry about, and I definately need the peace of mind right now.
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