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Re: Non Vax and Well Baby visits

Originally Posted by small_wonders_wipes
We still take our daughter for her well-baby visits. She has not been vaxed at all. We are very blessed to have a doctor who does not push the issue. Sometimes the well-baby visits seem kind of pointless, but our doctor is nice and I find it interesting to hear all her measurements. She had some weight gain issues when she was very young, but all is going well now. I think going to the checkups just helps you have a good relationship with your pediatrician, so that when something serious does go wrong, you feel more comfortable with them.
exactly what I was going to write. We don't vax, but still go, just because I want to cultivate a good relationship w/ my kids' ped, so that if I have to call in for a favor (e.g. can you fit them in, etc) they'll be more likely to help out for someone they know.
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