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Re: Breast milk jaundice?

Originally Posted by eliz7 View Post
It is exactly the time for breastmilk jaundice. I'm sorry but the dr is wrong. whatever you do, just nurse tons and keep LO in the sun. The sunlight breaks down the bilirubin just like bililights at the hospital. I promise after 20 minutes in sunlight(through a window) baby will be less yellow. Good luck with the testing. Hope it all works out.

I'm keeping her in the window as much as possible, it's too chilly here to take her outside without clothes on. Unfortunately we only get direct sun through the windows from about 8:45 to 10:30 am. We got in a good hour this morning though.

I think the dr might be wrong too, but do you have any suggestions on the proper way to handle it without ticking off an otherwise good doctor? I really trust him on everything else, but not as much on breastfeeding stuff.
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