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Re: Considering the deduction induction?

I would not have the induction because even if it did get you extra money, you'd probably still feel guilty for forcing eviction on your baby, from the sound of it. If you had a failed induction, that wouldn't help financial matters because you'd have an extra medical bill for a procedure that didn't even work. If your induction led to the cascade of interventions, that would cost more than potential tax return, most likely. Even if everything went flawlessly and you had as close to the birth experience you had dreamed of minus the induction, you may still regret having had it done at all.

My take on it is this: if there are no medical reasons forcing me to birth in a hospital, I will not, even if it makes more financial sense to go ahead and do so. It's worth it to me to have the birth experience I want and choose and if I have to pay a little more for that, then so be it. It's only money. In the end, what good is "saved money" if I have a lasting problem from a birth experience gone wrong; whether it's something as "small" as guilt because of an unwanted procedure or something as large as actual mental anguish over a terrible experience or physical problems caused from anything stemming from the labor that was not at all as I had wanted it to be?

I'm pretty sure the child tax credit is "only" one thousand dollars, but I'm not exceptionally well-versed in taxes either.

I'm sorry you are having such a rough time financially. I hope the new year and new job brings financial stability and security for you! I hope you also have a terrific labor and birth, no matter how you choose to do it!
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