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Re: "How long are you going to breastfeed?"

I couldn't stand that question, either! I nursed my firstborn until he self-weaned at almost 3 years. I'll let our second decide how long he wants to nurse as well.
I'm not sure the exact reason why people out there are so concerned with how long we nurse our babies. I have an opinion that it's because our particular culture has sexualized the breast so much. Instead of it being a nurturing, healthy, natural thing to so, the breast is seen as a sexual image, so inappropriate for a child to be latched on to.
This way of seeing the breast and/or breastfeeding does not exist in every culture. Some people grow up watching their grandmother, mothers, sisters nursing and it's just the way things are.
In our country, we hide the breast, make it taboo and forbidden.
That's why people are wierded out by it.
Last year in our city, a man filed a formal complain against a woman nursing her baby in a health club childcare room (he had gone in to pick up his own child). He actually stated that the woman nursing her baby in front of all of the other children in the room was just as if she were having sex in front of them. Can you believe that? What kind of freak is that guy? Someone who likens breastfeeding to intercourse?
Hence, I think when people ask us why so's that if we keep it up "too long" or with an older child, it's somehow inappropriate.
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