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LO screaming for me to take off wool :(

I think I'm going to cry DD is almost 17 months and is not wanting to wear wool anymore. We have been 100% wool until a few weeks ago when she started attending daycare twice a week. There she was in fleece pants instead of wool. Sometime during this transition of me working and her going to daycare, she started disliking her wool It started when I'd put her in pull on soakers, she cry and fight me to pull them off. If I hurried and put them on anyway she would stop fussing when it was all the way on. (I guess because it was around her diaper and she couldn't feel it anymore?) Then it started when I'd put on her longies too. We have a mix of interlock, knits, and upcycled, and she has fussed over all of them, especially when I'm trying to pull on a soaker or knit pants. She actually screams and cries like she's in pain, but her skin is not irritated anywhere so I am pretty positive that she is fine, well physically anyways.

I'm thinking about investing in some wool wraps, where she doesn't have to feel the wool on her legs. I'm soooo sad. I've read threads about other LOs and wool, but I never would've thought that I would be in the same boat. Ugh. If you have gone through this, is this only a stage? Maybe she'll be fine with it next month? I want to blame the transition of me staying at home to working, but she is getting older and letting us know her preferences/dislikes, so I don't know.
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