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Originally Posted by activia
I had a nightmare last night too....mine was recurring (well it's not exactly the same but always the same fear...)...tornado's. This time I was in a school bus that got sucked up by one and it was literally breaking apart. We were in it forever and then it got low enough to the ground where DH and I escaped and then were trying to out run/hide from a ton of them... In order to relax and fall back asleep after a nightmare I just pull Dh's arm and he will snuggle with me without even waking. My Dh will start screaming when he has a bad dream and I just rub/hold him and he calms down and falls back asleep and will not remember it (I used to wake him up but he still wouldnt even know what happened). I can usually tell early enough with him before he starts really screaming.. he sleeps like a rock... I am sure he wont wake when the baby wakes.
I have recurring nightmares too but about my teeth falling out! In the most recent one my teeth fell out and I called my mom saying "you know how I always dream about my teeth falling out? Well this time it really happened!" Those dream are always so real! Yours sound super scary though!!

Also I think our DH's might be twins! Everything you said is my DH to a tee! I really wonder if the baby will ever be able to wake him up.
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