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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

Washer: GE top loader, just a few months old
What soap do you use? Regular ol' Tide
Do you add anything extra? If so, what? I generally use a squirt of Bac Out in the main wash and every now and then (like once a month) throw in some Oxyclean and/or TTO
How many dipes do you wash at a time? 10-15

Now explain your wash routine line by line
1. Cool, very short wash, the fastest wash on our machine that is, with nothing usually, sometimes some bac-out.
2. Hot 30 minute soak/wash cycle with almost the recommended amount of Tide with an extra rinse at the end.
3. Like once a week I'll do another short hot wash with nothing, just in case
4. Dry fitteds, PFs, AIOs in the dryer on high, air dry covers and pockets
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