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Re: Ways to wash (to be pinned)

Washer: Kenore large capacity, old, at least 10 years.
What soap do you use? Charlie's
Do you add anything extra? Sometimes Bac Out, sometimes Ecolever Powder, sometimes Dawn.
How many dipes do you wash at a time?: 6-10

1. Cold cycle (cold wash, cold rinse) with no soap for all poopy dipes and any poopy wipes. I usually get one poopy dipe a day, so I do the diaper wash after that one.
2. Add remaining dipes and pail liner. Warm wash with 1/2 the amount suggested of Charlie's Soap. Cold rinse.
3. Another warm wash, cold rinse with no soap.

-----For treatment of stains and stink: Bac Out. spray on let set for an hour or so.
-----Once a month, strip with three squirts of Dawn and keep running the cycles until there are no bubbles. Sometimes I use Ecolever Powder, as that is what we use for our regular laundry.
----Once a month run covers through dryer to reseal PUL.

We use pockets, most of which have PUL covers. We have a combination of microfiber and hemp inserts.
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