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Re: How to deal with family giving us a hard time?

I can see both sides of this to be honest. Because you feel that keeping this from her is very important you may want to ask a Mod to move this to sensitive so that it cannot be searched. I do not agree with the way your MIL is handling this situation, however I can see why. You seem to sound like a very close family and you fully expected her to be the "most" supportive person but you do not respect or trust her enough to be honest. You are exactly right. This is your child who is having withdrawl. You are not obligated to share private info with anyone. Ever. I am also private when it comes to my family. I had an impossible MIL just simply awful. She was very selfish and none of her nonsense came from a place of love or concern for her son or grandchildren. Your MIL cares deeply about your family according to you. Maybe just cut her a bit of slack. Try to imagine how you would feel in the future if you worried that your son and his wife were doing the same thing. You will be a MIL one day too. I hope your LO feels well enough to come home soon.
Just in case.
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