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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of January 7th

Originally Posted by amyltc View Post
Good for you. I'm praying for baby A. Lot to say but I'm on my phone. CD 1 for me

ETA: We are starting our medicated cycle this month. Clomid and Femara with IUI. I'm a bit stressed because my clinic is closed on the holiday weekend so I have to go farther for the IUI, which is hard with the girls, that means having to find someone to watch them for a very long time, like 5 hours, ugh.

Also I found out that two people in my church that help in the primary (the children's classes) with me are struggling with infertilitly and both have my same doctor and one is doing IUI this month. Its nice to have some IRL people to lean on. I'm thinking of starting a support group for people around here, do you think that would be cheesy?
I would consider going to one. IDK I tend to be kind of reserved about this stuff in real life, but I'm starting to find reaching out helps. And I think we go to the same dr right?

Originally Posted by meeshkasheeba View Post
Okay ladies, do I test or not? I have none at the house, but it should be cd1 and I have not seen any signs. My boobs are sore. What do you think?
I would pick one up next time your out. IDK I have a hard time not testing sometimes though.

Originally Posted by Hope4More View Post
I called, and my hcg was .6, so it was there at least. I feel confident that its low enough I've got a chance this cycle. I asked for a 7 dpo progesterone draw too, so I can see my levels without the cream.

I'm praying for babies for all of us this cycle!!!

Soryr fro typos. Setn by iPhone.
Hope the draw goes well and it gives some answers.

AFM, positive opk and tons of CM today! This is the first time I"ve Oed since the second month after my loss. I'm not taking anything right now because all the drs. want us to wait until I've had my surgery. But then again, I doubt they thought I would O without meds. DH and I are having a tough debate. Do we go for it or not? Even if we do, it's a very tiny chance of working. And what if I do get my BFP at the end of the month, of course I'd be happy but then I'd be looking at a loss right around when my surgery is scheduled so if we cancel it and then loose it, then I have to wait until summer to get it. Does that even make sense? I mean of course it could work, it could stick all could be well. But at this point (and six losses) I just don't really see that as being reality. Reality is it won't work. But if by some miracle it does, reality is I'll be losing it somewhere between 6 and 12 weeks. Which means I'll loose it right around when my surgery is already schedualed and then I'll have to put the surgery off until June which then puts my next medicated cycle and IUI into July or August and I just don't want to wait. But of course then there's always that hope that it's our month. IDK what to do here.
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