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Eggs, Tuna, Beans, Peanuts and other nuts and dishes involving peanut sauces, banana-peanut butter sandwhiches, Beans, burritos, or Cooked and food processed Bean Paste to add to other recipes, ie. a sneaky spoonful in cookie batter or here and there into any other recipe, Smoothies either with milk or with a small slice of tofu to add the protein. Quinoa is both high in iron and in protein, a sprinkle of whole wheat germ on top of his morning cereals, cheese melts, quesadillas, hot open sandwiches involving both ham and cheese, mashed potatoes with cream cheese or cheddar, cream, and/or bacon bits, and baked potato with cheese (is considered a complete protein). Other legumes/beans (lentils, split or whole peas with ham, etc.) Chili, hamburger, homemade chicken fingers made with chopped chicken and rolled onto egg wash before mix of breadcrumbs and wheat germ, Chickpeas or hummus spreads. Turkey, Steak sliders into little sandwiches, etc. Have some finicky eaters here and I have learned to be a little creative in the kitchen just to get past the "I don't want this issues" and to be able to get a more balanced diet into them.

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