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Anyone a sub?

Right now I do clinic support in the NICU, I've been there 3 years and I love it. However I work 12 hour night shifts, and my job is about 100 miles from my house(moved out to DF farm a few months ago). I work 1 weeknight, and then every other weekend in a 2 week rotation(so 4 days/2 weeks) when I work my weekend DS and I stay at my parents in town so I don't have to spend so long commuting and can get sleep. They love having DS but it's hard being away from home, and thats the weekend we have DSD so we never spend the weekend with her(we have 50/50 so we do see her 2 weekdays a week).
One night on a whim I applied for a sub para job with the schools by our farm(its a town over so not where our LOs will be going) and I got offered the job today. I feel like I might as well do it since I'm not even sure how often I'll get called and it could very well lead to a perm position. Problems are that I need to keep my current job until I knew how many hours I normally might get, and it's a huge pay cut. Like $7/hour. But the commute would be easy, less wear and tear on my car. I'd be off when the kids were off, and home every night.
My pay right now is sort of extra money for us, to do fun/extra things, we'd be fine just with DFs farming income but I like working and having money for extra.
Thoughts? Anyone a sub, how often do you get calls? My sister got hired(in another state) as a sub and within a week they had an opening for her to work 4 days a week. I'm sure thats not always the case.
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