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Re: Do your kids throw fits whenever they have to sit down to eat?

Originally Posted by tallanvor View Post
Well, the 3 yr old, I'm sure, has just learned it from the older two. As for the older two, I'm not sure what started it, but I would suggest sitting down with them and having a chat. Not at a meal time, but maybe a little beforehand. Let them know that you will be serving food, that they are expected to not whine about it, but to eat. If they need something, they may ask politely. If you need to, set a time limit (use a timer they can see) for them to be finished in.

Also, I don't know how much input they have in what they eat, but if they currently have no say or very little, give them some options. Not necessarily for every meal, but when you can.

And, I'm a stickler when it comes to food, so if my kids start whining, I remind them, they can either eat it or go do something else until the next meal. They never HAVE to eat it if they don't want it. But what they CAN'T do it sit and whine about it. Or play with it. Either eat it or don't, but don't whine that you have food when so many people are hungry right now.

Obviously that's probably too harsh for a lot of mamas on DS, but this is how my kids have it.

If they insist on throwing a fit, I remove the food. B/c as I say "hungry people EAT, they don't whine." And then if they continue to sit there and complain, I physically put them in their rooms, calmly tell them they may come out when they are done, and I leave and close the door. 9 times out of 10, they come out in 5 minutes, say they are sorry and ask for another chance. Which, of course, they always get another chance to eat their meal. I don't want them going hungry. I just don't want them complaining about their food when 1) I know it's something they will eat, 2) it shows a lack of appreciation for the person who prepared it and 3) people are hungry right now that would love to eat your (fill-in-the-blank) and it's disrespectful to complain about it.
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