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Re: Asthma or Reactive Airway Disease wisdom?

As a baby, everytime my son got a cold he was in the ER with oral steroids and neubulizer with albueteral. At 1 year old, the ped. put him on a steroid that is inhaled (less gets into the bloodstream than an oral steroid) once a day, twice if he got a cold. I had heard that a lot of kids outgrow RAD and so when he turned 2 years old (in the summer) I stopped giving him the once a day steroid (I really did not love that he was on it, but understood the obvious benefits. I did tell his Ped. we were going to experiment to see if he outgrew RAD yet). He got a cold and was fine. Then he got another and was fine. And he's gotten more colds and has handled them well!!!

I'm thankful it appears he has outgrown RAD at 2 years old. I'll hope the same for all of your lo's. I do still have the neubulizer and albueterol, incase I start seeing signs. With so many ER visits under our belts when he was a baby they gave me great advice to what to look for.
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