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Contractions ONLY when laying down?

I shouldn't exactly say "only" because I do get several "stray" ones while I'm up and about. I'm 37w3d (tomorrow). I've had contractions on and off for 11 (almost 12) days now. I've been to the hospital twice in the past week, first I got sent home after having contractions 5 minutes apart for 2 hours (just at the hospital, not including at home) but I didn't change at all since I got there. Then the last time they sent us walking and things calmed down so we told them we were just going home. That was yesterday.

So, today I had contractions off and on all day and lots this morning. While watching a movie they were coming 3 minutes apart and were getting pretty painful. But as soon as I got up they stopped. Had a few strays but nothing to serious. Then tonight while laying down and reading a book I was having them 2 minutes apart, NO JOKE. I'm totally serious here. I thought that this had to be it, they were very strong and I had to put my book down to concentrate threw them. So, I got up to take a nice hot bath and get a few things done, but they stopped pretty much as soon as I got up. How annoying right? Tell me about it, I'm fed up..I'm tired and just can't wait for this to be over (19 days!) I know he will come when hes ready but if he isn't coming soon I wish the contractions would stop, I'm just so tired half way threw the day and my 3 year old is getting so bored with me because I don't want to move and play as much.

So is there a logical explanation why these contractions get really close together and hurt REALLY bad only when I'm laying down? I mean they happen when I'm laying on either side or laying down propped up with pillows on my back but not flat.

I'm still having them now, about 5 minutes apart and they are lasting about 40-50 seconds long...but they will fade away soon, like always haha. Or they will be 2-3 minutes apart as soon as I go to bed!
Oh and I'm 2cm dilated and 60% effaced. Things really haven't changed much...

Monday the 20th- At the hospital I was 1.5cm and 50% effaced
Thursday the 23rd- OB appoinment I was "not quite 2 and 60%)
Sunday the 26th- At the hospital again I was 2cm and 60%
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