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Re: How do you keep a minimalist diaper stash?

I have done a few ginormious purges to get to where I am now. The last motivation being I want new living room furniture so its my logic to sell lol

I have sold a bunch and have more to list I need a scale though to make my life easier.

I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old I am keeping:
15 One size pockets with 30 alva blends (I double up)
10 medium fuzzi bunz with flip organic inserts
13 extra flip organic inserts for use with covers
8 fitteds (4 onesize, 4 size 2)
6 covers (5OS one thirsties size 2)

For accessories I have:
10 bamboo inserts as needed
3 hemp inserts each in small, medium, large for nights
2 travel wet bags
2 hanging wetbags
and my wipes I have a bunch since we use them all the time and I have a soap foamer for wipe solution
and disposable liners because they dont have sprayers in germany
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