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Re: I'm frustrated :(

The most important thing is COMMUNICATION - and at this stage it is your communication with her. If you offer the potty and she doesn't go right then but shortly after in her dipe - you should count that as a catch for you because YOU recognised that she needed to go, even if she chose not to.

Keep talking with her about her elimination, even if she goes in her dipe. Tell her that it is nice to be clean and dry and that you will help her to go on the potty/toilet if she tells you next time. Give her choices about potty or toilet, and whatever else eg which dipe, what clothes, red or green hat and so on.

If she doesn't want to sit on the potty and you know that she needs to go, you can try in arms pottying. Or somewhere different to normal. Good luck and do continue with offering her potty opportunities but don't make them too frequently or she will get frustrated.
Best wishes
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