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Exclamation Need serious help here momas! Update 10/25

The man said there was nothing he could do. He has a layer friend that does realty. He's gonna talk with him for help/advice for us. We can't afford an attorney. Also, he's gonna talk to a friend on the co. commisioners board. He'll get back with me when he get's some info. It's doughtfull. Ray says he doesn't wanna start over. Oh, he also said I needed to ask our grouchy neighbor. REALLY don't wanna go there. We'll see what his friends have to say. I'm just sick to my stomach. I'm gonna try to get the time before next week to file that realtor complaint. I appriceate that link!

Thanks for all the support!

As you all know, I'm not the best at wording things or spelling. I'm super nervious about this. I need to write apetition. Our land has restrictions, no clovis hooves. When we purchased this place it was to become our mini-homestead. The realitor said any animal. I didn't look at the small print while signing the deed. Cayden't health all rides on this. We need to be raiseing our own meat, dairy, ect. His allergist is confident he would do great with raw cow/goat milk. He would also benifit from grass fed meats, not high hormone soy/grain fed. Who knows what elese. I have to get, crap I forgot, 65%-75% of the neighbors to sign. Most have already said they don't pay attention to the restrictions and we should just get animals. We have 2 plans though. Either get the rules removed and buy the neighboring property, or sell and move on. We REALLY want to stay!

I need to get the ball moveing and figure this out. I've neglected it for too long now.

If anyone out there reading this could offer tips, experiencees, wording help, a free online form that can be altered to my situation and printed (link), ANYTHING!!!!!

I'm in a desperate situation here momas, this has become our home.

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