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Originally Posted by Kiliki

Actually, even when not pregnant, I have to RUSH to make it without peeing my pants.

Wish it weren't so, but it is.

Also, after I have babies, for the first few days (when things are the sorest and you want the peri bottle the most), I have very little to no bladder control. So AS SOON AS I feel it, I have to high-tail it to the bathroom or else I will pee my pants. I can't stop it, I can only feel it coming.
It's not just you.

As for the peri bottle, I think I need to get a bottle warmer, too. Our bathroom is as far from the water heater as can be, and it takes forever to warm the water up! I'm glad I read this thread to get the idea!

I wonder if an electric kettle would work, too...instant midnight tea access, too. LOL

Last time, I kept a thermos in the bathroom, but it was a crummy thermos and didn't work very well.
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