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Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

Hey mamas, I dont think I have ever posted in this forum, but I need advice. A little about me, I have had 3 pregnancies/births, and am currently at 197lbs, 5'7"tall. I am still nursing my almost 2yo ds, and contrary to most mamas, I havent lost much weight at all while nursing my son. So, lately I have really been putting my mind to it and changing my eating habits. Fresh veggies, lots of them, fresh fruit, whole wheat bread and pasta, lots of water/tea, etc. only thing I wish to add more of is exercise. Its a bit challenging with the kids and my dh gone for the moment, so I figure I would start with one problem (my eating habits) and pick up on increasing exercise when dh gets back. I am doing pretty well, I still fight the incredibly strong urge to consume vast amounts of sweets, but treat myself at night to 1/4 cup of fat free ice cream to give me something to hold out for. The point of this all is regardless of my stomach being full, and I physically know and feel it full, my brain says to keep eating. I mean, I know it has something to do with boredom and emotional issues (stress, missing my husband) and I am home alot due to gas prices, and other things. Is there anything I can do to help quiet my brain, if that makes any sense? I keep busy with household chores, playing with kids, but its always there, the thought of eating. Please tell me there is something that can help! TIA!!!
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