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Re: Full stomach, but brain says keep eating!

I would also highly recommend taking a good quality multi-vitamin (good being something from a health food store, not the stuff at Wal-Mart, ect that your body cannot absorb!). Sometimes the reason your body keeps saying "eat some more, eat some more!" is because it is low on a certain mineral/vitamin and is looking for it. Weird cravings like liver should be indulged (if you can stomach the stuff ). Strong sugar cravings can really be helped by taking a good omega 3 supplement (I take Krill oil from Mercola's website, it's actually better priced than our local health food store) and taking or making your own good quality probiotic. You can have a really cheap probiotic without costing any extra money by using kefir grains and straining it each day and drinking it. Multis are generally fairly inexpensive. It is a bit of an investment for the trio but they are my three basics that I always take and are so healthy for you in so many ways, not only to curb food cravings and sugar cravings. Plus you really save doctor bills in the long run so you come out really far ahead! I can see if I can find that study on 64+ plus just simply taking a multi how many BILLION they estimated they could save nationwide in healthcare. Pretty amazing.
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