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Does breech "run in the family"?

I am trying for a vbac at the end of March or beginning of April, so I am 33 weeks along. And this LO just won't settle down! S/he moves all over the place, breech, transverse, oblique, and I think head down for some of the time. I was talking to my MW yesterday and mentioned that I do have a slight structural imbalance in my hips. I have never had it diagnosed, but I have always been slightly uncomfortable on the right side. I know that my mom and my maternal grandmother also have something like that with their hips. But I was reassured by the fact that my grandmother had three vaginal deliveries, and my mom had four. But then I realized that my Grandmother's first daughter (my aunt) was breech, delivered breech in the 50's. My mom's second baby, my brother, was also breech and they turned him in a version which started labor.

Now I am worried that this LO is going to follow in their footsteps!!!

All of this is unrelated to why I had a C-sec with my son and I would just hate to have another C-sec for an unrelated, non repeating reason!!

Give me hope ladies!!
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