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Re: Does breech "run in the family"?

I am currently 35 wks pregnant.

At 32 wks, my baby was head up.

At 34 wks, he had turned to head down.

so there is still time for baby to turn.

As far as whether it is (or can be) some kind of genetic pre-disposition, I just don't know enough to be able to give anything educated on that. I could *guess* that it's possible that if someone has a genetic abnormality in the skeletal structure that causes some sort of very specific misalignment, it could be possible for generations of women to have lots of breech babies. But that's just a guess.

Do you know if your previous baby was head down when they performed the c/s? That might bring you some peace of mind.

It's also good to know two things: Babies can flip to head down position at any time before birth, some even flip JUST before labor begins. And also that it is not impossible to vaginally deliver a breech baby. Our culture and society push for c/s for breech babies, but they are not necessary all the time.

Vaginally birthing frank breech baby is certainly not without its own risks. But it's also not impossible, either.
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