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Originally Posted by Ola_ View Post
I don't really see how that's any better than what she has now... Except for the harness seat not being expired, of course.
The fact is that the 5 year old is going to be safer in a booster than in an improperly used 5 point harness. And honestly I would not buy a harness for a 5 year old who has been boostered for years. I would, however, buy a new booster if the one he is using is expired, secondhand, or backless.

Similarly, I would not buy a convertible seat for a 3 year old. A non-expired harnessed seat that actually fits him and will fit him for a few more years is a HUGE step up from an expired harness that is likely outgrown already, or soon will be. (And why do I think it is likely outgrown already? Because it's expired, which means it's old, and the only harnessed seats that fit big kids that are expired would have been really expensive. Hence I'm guessing it's not one of those, unless it was purchased secondhand, which is also a bad idea.)

OP, focus on proper use - no belly clips, no winter coats, tight harnesses, and no wiggling while boostered. There is no reason why this mom needs to spend more than $100-$120 on both seats to keep her kids safe. And if the 5 year old's booster is perfectly fine, then no reason to buy a new seat for him.
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