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Originally Posted by 3lilbubs
I agree. I was a bit taken aback by how many people just assumed they would be entitled to front row seats as if it were a show. LOL A frank discussion on who will be coming to your home after baby arrives and when should happen now too. Being exhausted and overwhelmed, possibly trying to learn bfing and a house full of people that don't understand is awful too.
Amen!! My MIL was so mad when we had DS that we said no one could be in the waiting room and that we were going to take 2-3 hours as a family of 3 (DH, baby and I). We wanted skin-to-skin time, bf'ing time, etc - just us. My family respected it but my MIL was not happy and said we were selfish. She also wanted to be there for the labor which I was adamantly against. Finally, my 40-something, never-married, no kids BIL told her to zip it and asked why she wanted to be there for all that would likely go down (me being sick, in pain, stressed, etc). Amen to that!! I will just have DH in the room this time too. Giving birth is an intensely personal experience and each mama should do what makes her comfortable, including having who she wants there.

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