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Gone! Please delete.

I have a huge lot of breastfeeding supplies that were used less than 2 weeks as breastfeeding/pumping just didn't work out for us. I'd like this lot to go to someone who can't afford it otherwise.

-60 pack of Up & Up nursing pads (only a few were used)
-1 tube of regular sized Lansolin cream (used once) and a sample tube
-22 Pack of ameda store and pour freezer bags (unopened)
-4 replacement tubes (opened, but never used)
-numerous valves (2 unopened)
-6 diaphrams
-4 storage bottles
-6 flanges (2 Custom Breast Flanges M/L, 2 standard)
-5 Tommee Tippee bottles (3-4oz and 2-9oz anti colic)

I think I can fit it all in a Med flat rate box. I'm moving in a week or so, so I'm not looking to split the lot and would like it to go to someone who can use all of it. If there is something specifically that you can't use, please pass it along to someone else, or let me know and I will take it out. $13 to cover shipping and PP fees.

I also have an ameda breast pump that I'd be willing to sell for cheap along with this lot if anyone needs it.

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