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Took her in and checked her, everything looked totally fine physically so they checked her urine. No blood in it with their office test so we were told they'd send it off to a lab where itd be cultured. Doc said she was pretty sure it was just something viral and she'd be fine in a day or two. Her fever goes away and I think were in the clear, she still seems miserable but better than before.

Yesterday we recieved a call saying they found bacteria and want to start antibiotics. Problem to me is her fever is gone, and the chance of contamination is high. They don't know what bacteria and would have full results in a day or two so they'd start us on a broud spectrum antibiotic with the possibility of switching once the bacteria is known or even stopping all together if they believe its a contaminant. UGH! I have a huuge problem with this. Her fever is gone BUT she is still acting like something is bugging her pretty bad. And I dont want to start something only to stop and switch or take something unnecessary, I HATE medicine.
We ended up starting the antibiotics very reluctantly. Its better than it progressing to a kidney infection, ending up hospitalized and possibly harming her for life. I also don't want to prolong her pain if it is a UTI...
So annoying! Didn't hear anything today but i'll give them a call tomorrow hoping they're open, I want to know what the bacteria is.

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