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Do you pre-read library books?

DS1 picked out a book, generally I'll do a quick flip through just to make sure they're not mini-novels (they get 3 books a night, I will not read huge long books though LOL) but never really glance at the content (aside from vetoing most character books)

Well I was reading DS their book and one had a man in a car with a speech bubble that said &@(*%# above it and then the actual page was something along the lines of "The boys learned a lot of new vocabulary words that day"

Not my husband curses like a truck driver who used to be a sailor who is in a motorcycle gang so I'm not super sensitive to the 4-letter words...but this sort of made me LOL I'm sure some people wouldn't really appreciate the book...

Do you pre-read library books before reading them to your kids?? (not like Harry Potter/etc...but just the Children's picture books...)
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