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Re: Your favorite covers?

-Should I get snaps or velcro? Depends on what you like. I am normally a 100% snaps girl, EXCEPT when it comes to covers, and then I usually prefer aplix, especially on smaller babies.

-Will I like the Bummis because it's more size specific than the one size covers?
I think you'll like Bummis. They have great aplix and are really durable. You might also want to think about the sized Thirsties covers, they fit pretty similarly to the BSB's.

-Do I need more than 4 covers? I wonder if I'll love the Flip and wonder why I even bothered with the other ones... You could probably get away with 4. We have had very few times where the poop leaks onto the cover with either a fitted or a snappi'd prefold underneath. Of course, my newborn poops a little about a million times a day, other newborns hold it up and have pretty explosive poops all at once. Unfortnuately, you won't know which your baby is until he/she gets here.

Good luck!
Mom of 4!

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