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Re: Sleep patterns Help

When does she start to show signs of tru fatigue? (fussiness, more crying, wanting to eat more)
Also, do you try to keep her up during the day? The more napping she does during the day, the longer she will want to stay up at night. A nice 2 hour nap during the day is good, but lots of napping keeps her from really getting a good pattern down.
Try keeping her active and playing during the day more. Take her out, have belly time, whatever you normally do. A few days, and she should start showing definate signs of real fatigue as the evening draws near.

Remember that there is a very SMALL window between being tired, and being OVERtired. Once a baby is overtired, its hell to get them to fall asleep. Once you can identify her signals, take that opportunity to take her into your bed, dim the lights, no noise and try and nurse or rock her to sleep. if she doesnt go right away, dont get back up and return to the living room or a noisy/bright environment. That will stimulate her all over again.

It takes time. Its really challenging at first. Emma didnt get into a good pattern until around 6 weeks. Now she sleeps 10-12 hours at night, and KNOWS bedtime is at 7pm. She can be layed down in our bed and puts herself to sleep in minutes.

Hang in there!
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