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I've spent $732 on diapers... And my first baby's due in March.

UPDATE! See photos of my mountain on Page 4.

I can always resell the ones that don't work out for us, right? That's what I keep telling myself.

I have...

*drumroll please*

212 Diapers & Covers


26 AIOs and Pockets

44 Fitteds

87 PFs and Flats

55 Covers (Including 4 Wool)

And this is aside from the...

Stuff on my registry (not too much... now!)

16 Training Pants

57 Wipes

13 Snappis (Not my fault-- most came free with purchase!)

Many Assorted Accessories (Wet Bags, Wipe Warmers, Changing Pads, Etc.)

4 Potties/Seats

...because we are planning on ECing from birth.

That's right-- this is all for a kid who probably won't need diapers after 18-24 months.

Allow me to mount a defense.

-Per above, I will resell what doesn't work for us! Yeah, I will!

-Not TOO outrageous, considering most are new or like-new, right? Right?

-In that vein, these are about 98% "name" brands, like BGE, FB, GM, Mutts, Thirsties, Bummis, OsoCozy, Imse Vimse, GMD, etc.

-This includes pretty much all possible sizes (from a few Preemies to OS/Large).

-I know this is awfully cover-intensive, especially considering DH and I will be dual WAHP and, with ECing, Baby will probably spend a lot of nakey-butt and coverless PF/fitted time at home. But! I am planning a lot of T-shirt/cute diaper (cover)/BabyLegs combos for outside the house, so it's kind of like... part of my clothing budget... right? Right?!?! (Did I mention I have 24 pairs of BabyLegs? Not that I paid full price...)

This is not at all the beginning of an addiction.


Not at all.

It's right smack dab in the middle of one.

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