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Re: 18 m/o diarrhea

yes, teething diarrhea exists... for some kids. Mine was one of them. And it's caustic nasty diarrhea. Because they're old enough that they're swallowing all their spit instead of drooling. We were in the constant land of diaper rash when she was teething. It just looks drooly to me.

I wouldn't worry about the pedialyte, really (DD will not drink it anyways). If he's willingly drinking water and making normal amounts of pee diapers a day, he likely isn't dehydrated.

could be a lot of things.. prolly teeth. There's a growth spurt around there and DD always ate less around a growth spurt.. (seems counterintuitive, but every kid is different!).

If he's acting normal, I wouldn't worry.. but granted, DD and diarrhea and teething were things I got used to.
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