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Re: 2nd Birthday planning help!!

Ok I have a lil boy who will be 3 August 3rd ( so will be doing this very soon ! ), I have never had a large amount of adults or kids so his two b-days were small like yours sound like it will be , I didn't cook for them I just did either chips and dip or cheese and crackers then a fruit and or veggie tray ( so easy to make yourself ) cake of course and then a few drinks , one with caffeine one without and one for the kids . I didn't really do any games or anything , I just cleared out the living room ( had no yard lol ) so they had room to play , they played with the presents that were opened , a few balloons I blew up for the floor ( just quickly pick up the popped ones ) and there party favors which were so simple , i got each kid a tennis sized bouncy ball for under $1 and then just sent them home with a helium filled balloon ( with parents ok first ) and that was it , they loved them . All in all his 2 b-day's have been fun and easy with minimum stress on anyone , his next one I will do the same pretty much . Have fun !
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